Friday, February 20, 2009

The Liao and Western Hsia dynasty money

The Liao dynasty was also known as the Khitan empire and are grouped into what was known as the Tartar dynasties.The dynasty ruled over parts of Mongolia,Manchuria and Northern China.It was founded by Yelu clan of the Khitan people.Its first ruler is Yelu Abaoji and was alos known as Emperor Taizu.
Plate(19-12th century)

Liao notes of Emperor Tianzuo/Yelu Chun(1075-1128),last emperor of Liao were issued by the Board of War for payment for military supplies.Denominations are from 1 to 10 kwan.I have not found much on these part of the dynasty on their money so this post is quite short.Finding this picture was already hard enough.And this image was a sketch only.Does anyone know where to find a better image?

Liao 10 kwan note issued Emperor Hsien Ching(1136-1141AD) of Wesetern Liao.This note is titled Great Liao Treasure note.If you are wondering what are those wierd looking that look like ribbons,those are silver sycee ingots.Text:The counterfeiter will be beheaded and the informer will be rewarded 800 tael of silver.(I do have this note)

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