Monday, February 23, 2009

The dynasties of China

Allow me to show you the dynasties of China,so as to allow when did the banknotes exist and to also know the sequence of dynasties.In my opinion each dynasties history is so huge that it each may be equivalent to a small nations entire history.

Chinese Dynasties1.Xia dynasty-(2100-1600BC)

2.Shang dynasty-(1600-1046BC)

3.Zhou dynasty-(1122-256BC)
-Western Zhou
-Eastern Zhou

4.Sping and autumn period(770-476BC)

5.Warring States period(475-221BC)

6.Qin dyansty(221-206BC)

7.Han dynasty-(206BC-220AD)
-Western Han
-Eastern Han

8.Three Kingdoms-(220-280AD)

9.Jin dynasty(265-420AD)
-Western Jin
-Eastern Jin

10.Southern and Northern dynasties(420-589AD)
11.Sui dynasty(581-618AD)
12.Tang dynasty(618-907AD)

13.5 dynasties and 10 kingdoms
-Later Liang(907-923AD)
-Later Tang(923-936AD)
-Later Jin(936-946AD)
-Later Han(947-950AD)
-Later Zhou(951-960AD)
-10 Kingdoms(907-979AD)

14.Song dynasty-(960-1279AD)-Northern Song(960-1127AD)
-Southern Song(1127-1279AD)

15.Liao dynasty-(916-1125AD)

16.Western Xia dynasty-(1038-1227AD)

17.Jin/Jurchen dynasty-(1115-1234AD)

18.Yuan dynasty-(1279-1368AD)

19.Ming dynasty-(1368-1644AD)

20.Qing dynasty-(1644-1911AD0

21.Republic of China-(1911-1949AD)

22.Peoples Republic of China-(1949-present)

Some of these dynasties have overlapping time periods as they existed together with other dynasties.The Jin in number 15 are the ancestors of the Manchu who will later establish the Qing dynasty not to be confused with the Jin dynasty in number 9.Dates vary from different sources.

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