Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Malaya and British Borneo Dollar

Although Malaya had achieved independence in 31st August 1957,this 1953 series banknotes with the portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II continued to circulate until 1967 although independence have been achived and Malaysia has been formed in 1963.

Issued by the Board of Commissioners of Currency,Malaya and British Borneo this new currency was named the Malayan and British Borneo dollar.These banknotes replaced the Sarawak Dollar,Malayan Dollar and British North Borneo Dollar.

There were several printers of these notes, the 1$,5$ and 10$ was printed by Waterlow and Sons Limited.The 50$ and 100$ was printed by Bradbury Wilkinson and Co Ltd while the 1000$ and 10,000$ was printed by Thomas De La Rue.All notes have the date 21-3-1953 and has the signature of W.C Taylor,the chairman of the Board of Commissioners of Currency.Emblems of the states are located at the back of all notes.

All these notes worth a lot of money today and has a high demand in the market because of its rarity especially the higher denominations.The 10,000 Dollar note was one of the highest valued notes in the world at that time.
1 Dollar (12,1cm x 6.3cm)

5 Dollars (12.5cm x 7.2cm)

10 Dollars (13.4cm x 8cm)

50 Dollars (16.7cm x 9.5cm)

100 Dollars (16.6cm x 9.5cm)

1000 Dollars (20.4cm x 13.2cm)

10,000 Dollars (20.4cm x 13.2cm)


Yusri Yusop said...

do you collect bank notes.. it's amazing you wrote about malaya bank notes.. I believe not many malaysian know about this bank notes

Pinoy Kollektor said...

I was wondering how much is a 10,000 Malaya & British note Specimen note? Please email me at lumang.gamit@yahoo.com